Sunday Afternoon

Whenever I watch “Stranger Than Fiction” I cry throughout and I cry often. Don’t ask me why, the only answer I can give you is, “It is beautiful.”

I know I alluded to writing less if at all. For all intents and purposes I still do. Today being Sunday, being on an art jag, and just having watched a movie that always moves me. I needed to do something to express myself. This will be that something.

I have no intentions of writing as frequently as I have. Only when I need to. The intention was to only post new art works and briefly describe what’s going on. Well, reality, habit, and the human condition being what they are; I am here writing with no promises and no expectations. I’m pouring a little heart into the world in the hopes it will be made better for the effort.

The art I make isn’t for the book and isn’t my normal fare. Fate came at me with vintage signs and asked if I could restore them. For a nominal fee and because I am a pushover, I said, “Yes.” One half of those signs are finished as I type this. Still waiting for the pigment to dry. I’ll undoubtedly touch it up before I deliver to it’s owner. For now, though, it is done and it is well done.

My consumption of alcohol is high. I confess I have imbibed much before and as I write this. I am hoping this brings some color and earnestness to the content. Be that as it may let’s declare a few things. Laura, I love and miss you. I still hope, however, that you never know. Vandana, I’m still indebted to you. I will clear my conscious eventually. I hope you’ll like what I am thinking. Mildred, I am as affectionate over you as you are over me, but I know how dangerous we can be; hence my distance . . .

Confessional over, sister is calling. Mom is flying in tomorrow. We’re confirming plans on how I will pick her up from the airport and make sure her stay is taken care of. I’ll blather more later. No promises on when, just eventually.


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