The Good Path

I feel behind. Not overwhelmed or strung out, just the nagging feeling that I can do more. I doubt what “more” would be, though. Between work and doing art in my free time, I’m feeling solid. So much so, it concerns me to find time for a couple other things; poetry among them, daily drawing exercises, too. I will get it all worked out eventually. I’m on a good path in a great direction.

The to-do list is the same; website, draw, write, and whatever else decides to pop up. I am feeling awfully ambitious come Sunday. My day off. I plan to draw and paint the living heck out of a couple of pieces. And I will. But, and there is a “but,” I know how I get when I focus more on finishing a piece than I do allowing it to develop organically. Ultimately, the quality suffers. We can’t have that. Plan B will have to happen to avoid suffrage. If I can’t overly focus to get a couple pieces finished, then I will diversify and get more pieces started. Get an assembly line started. As soon as my attention drifts on one piece, on to the next in a lovely circuitous motion. Keep feeding the machine once I do. Output is more reliable and regular . . . Yeah, this is pretty exciting. No, really. I’m revved about it.

Not until tomorrow, though. Today I’ll be pulling paintings out of frames soes I can take pictures of them. Get content for the website and updated pictures for my files. if there’s anytime left, I’ll be putting some effort into getting the store somewhat sexy.

The Laundry buzzer just sounded. Time is up. See you tomorry.

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