The Older One Gets

I struggle to figure out some of this new fangled technology. I just haven’t been keeping up. Web page design, publishing utensils, art programs, all have changed so much in the past five or so years. Social media, Jesus, there’s so many options and variants now. Publishing companies too. All of it gives me vertigo.

In the past few years, more attention has been given to the hobbies and habits of a new age hippy. More focus has been given to healthy endeavors and cleaner habits. At my age, the age where you feel those aches, you lose those strengths, or you really regret eating everything in a single sitting, seems like a natural progression of interests.

I still have an eye rolling job which pays the eye rolling bills. It’s not so bad, I’ve grown accustomed to it. It pays for shit but some of the side benefits are nice. I like the one on one time with the vets. And there’s something about feeling like you’re doing good for the community. I compare it to teaching, it’s a noble job but damned if you get paid your worth.

Part of that health thing I mentioned earlier involves the art pursuits. Meditate, be creative, have a purpose, some underrated pillars of well being. The health stuff, creative endeavors included, can be a bore at times. But the pride one gets and the added benefit of shrugging off life’s little snags makes the effort more than worth it.

Sweaty stinky physical exercises aside, the art exercises have all been around portraiture. Pen drawing, mostly. And again mostly for convenience. Pens are tucked into the weirdest crevices all around work and paper is in abundance. All I need is a little time to focus and the magic can happen.They’re like pushups, if I do them just a coupla times each week, in no time my pecks will be sexy and twitchy.

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