The Vexing of the Steve

Stuffed Dragon

Stuffed Dragon

Her spirit animal is a dragon. She was feeling down and, at the behest of a mutual friend, we tried to perk her up.

Guess whose computer crashed? Yeah, fine timing too. End sarcasm.

It’s a hassle. Normally I’m diligent about backing up important things. Ninety-nine percent of picture files are accounted for. The books, the raw files are safe. Downside: the most recent version I have is from December. That means there’s a few dozen hours worth of work getting it up to spec with the most recent version. You will see me comparing nuances from the printed books to the older version on the computer and back again as dutifully update the older file. Oh yeah, and that’s after getting the computer up and running again. Uhg.

Probably the most grating aspect of this is the timing. I finally did decide to give it a go and make this thing into an ebook.  The process of getting the books formatted so that they can be ebooks is in the works. The plan was to have all this done in time for the show. A show expecting to have 100k people in attendance. Honestly, my inventory is pretty modest for such an large crowd. I fully expect to sell out of the modest amount of books available. While books are available for ordering online, instead of telling potential customers that I’ve sold out (of inventory, let’s make sure the context is established), I could offer them the immediate consolation of an ebook… Well, set back.

Throw ontop of it that I already had a post typed and edited. Also lost in the crash. Writing this one at the very last minute.

I’ve too much to do to dwell. Recalibrate and move forward.

Less stressful topics to move onto, uhm . . . to be honest, nothing is coming to mind. Gimme a minute. Hmm . . .

Listen, I’ll pitch the happy later. There’s way too much to do. Please excuse me whilst I rush off to make things shine.

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