Things To Come

Hello Saturday. You are my “Friday”. Two consecutive days off. One of those days dedicated to celebrating freedom, however fleeting. The second, to catching up; getting those tasks done you were too tired to attend to. Things you specifically set aside to finish later. “Later” is nigh. Yup, the weekend.

“Overwhelmed”, that painting I keep going on about, it’s done. It is. But me being me won’t post it yet. I have some tiny details to fuss over. Tiny details that I mistakenly think will make or break the piece in it’s entirety. They won’t. It’ll work just fine. It is not a masterpiece but is a fine piece. One I can stand behind with pride. A solid display of what I do and what I’m about. It’ll be up soon. Soon.

I have another painting in queue behind this one. It’s called “The Great Cookie Caper.” That painting I intend to take my sweet time with. The thought is, over the next few Saturdays, I will post drawings. Drawings are cool and, along with the inherent ease of creating them, they’ll be easier to stockpile. I can work on “The Great Cookie Caper” with a preferred leisurely pace. You know, allowing the piece time to ferment.

The concept for the painting after “The Great Cookie Caper” is a crowd-pleaser. I look upon that one with a quiet satisfaction. You know, the type where you know it’ll do well.

I have yet to start putting “More Different” together. For those of you not in the know or who have forgotten, “More Different” is my next book. I am content to work on content for the book. By no means have I forgotten about it nor have I quit. No, I did this same thing with the first book too. Where I enjoyed making the content so much that it delayed the estimated date of the book by quite some time. Besides, it’s nice to cull down from too much rather than stretch too little too thin. Overall, it’s a nice problem to have.

Poems, you and me will start work in two weeks. July 12, 2012. Why? Because that is when my vacation will end. I will be escorting Grandma to the family reunion. No one wants her to go alone. Evidently, me most of all. So there will be a week of bouncing between farms and estranged family. Family I don’t know and I’m not sure I care to know. That grain of cynicism aside, the experience will be an eye opening experience for me. I will enjoy the refreshing outlook. Fun will be had.

I’m not exactly sure how shows look this fall. I have a fist full of submissions and proposals floating in the world somewhere. None of which I’ve heard back from. So no plans, yet. I am leery about submitting too many requests. I will be going to China this fall for a few weeks. I have little to no idea what all that will entail. I’ll keep an eye on winter and spring shows in the mean time and be more aggressive about applying to them. You know, later.



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