Time Permitting

I’m counting posts, pics, poems, and tallying up what I have behind the scenes. It’s too much. Way too much. It’s obscene. Numbers in the double digits for all three. So what am I doing sitting on all of this and not trying to get it out there? Sharing is an important part of art. It doesn’t matter whether or not if the sharer sees the idea shared. The transference of an idea is super important. I need to do my part and at least put my ideas out there.

We’ll focus on that for the next few weeks.

While I have plenty already done. There’s still plenty to do. Lots on the plate right now. Publicity, art exercises, purposeful art, writing here, writing for the books are the foremost priorities in this aspect of my life. Then there’s real life stuff outside of art. Oh, and the gazillion neglected projects around the house. Oh , and the too many people neglected friends I need to reunite with. There is plenty to keep a feller busy.

It’s OK, this kind of busy keeps a fellow honest and decent.

Spirits are good. In my youth I never really took care of the fundamentals of living. Sleep whenever, consume nothing but garbage, and the drinking. Dear God the drinking. I’ve changed a lot since then. The turnaround has left me dazzled. I can’t tell if I was numb to life back in the day or more pain prone and poorly adjusting.

Mmkay, enough looking back. Let’s get back on the road and move forward.

Nowadays, anyways I’m a thousand fold more grateful about taking care of myself and the good headspace it all has afforded me. Honest to god, on my way to work I was thanking my stars. That I had the where-with-all to wake up without hitting the snooze button, show up to a job that means little to me, go through the motions, endure jerks at work, then come home dogged with only sleep to look forward to. Because I can finally see that suffering those inconveniences helps me piece together the larger picture.

3 Comments on “Time Permitting

  1. what is it about getting older that makes us go oh hey maybe I should be nicer to my body.. oh wait that is the body aches and pains in places you didn’t know existed that does that… HAHA I keep trying to tell my kids that. they don’t listen. neither did we. I suppose. T decided smoking would be a good habit to pick up. facepalm. like really? we don’t know where that leads….. sigh Fun picture! I like.

    • I think when we’re younger, we’re gifted with all these new things to try out like sex, strength, adulting. Then when we get used to everything and take it all for granted. Old age is when things start to get taken away. That’s when you lose our shit and really realize we gotta make the best of things.

      T doesn’t know any better. Working in the hospital, I get to see first hand how that smoking rapes the lungs. COPD is mean shit. I understand we all need a vice to help cope with stress, hope he finds a better alternative than smoking.

      • You and me both. I mean I get it. He is 20.. as my bf will say “young and dumb and full of come” totally crass but not wrong… lol Having smoked a bit myself I understand the feeling. My bf is a smoker of 30yrs.. It’s gross. He know’s it’s gross. He just can’t quit for good yet. It’s the ultimate upper and downer. It also controls his behavior. oh done eating, need a cig, oh been 2 hrs need a cig, just woke up need several cigs… NO way do I want a substance to control my life. I quit beer a few weeks ago and it is hard because I really do love a good brew and it is relaxing..but what it was doing to my body was not worth it. Step back take a break so I don’t become totally dependent on it… sigh.. Addiction is an interesting thing.

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