Tipsy Fretting

Well, I’m drunk again. This will be another six pack. I think that’s the third this week. I haven’t the slightest idea why the sudden glut of liquors, perhaps to help the transition to new work, to celebrate the end of the school semester, maybe to stave off holiday dolldrums, whatever the reason, I’m scared.

I spent my first day on the floor at work  Friday. Seems fairly tame considering where I was coming from, then again, I’m still orienting. Showers, changing, dementia, I am familiar with the basics. The biggest issue is figuring out where the tools are stored. That part is easy enough, a little time will cure that concern. The toughest lesson to learn will be the new coworkers.

My mind has been nagging me for “accomplishment.” I’m not sure what that means. I gather it has something to do with creating something or earning my keep or keeping myself intellectually challenged. For now, all I can definitively declare is there is an itch that need scratching.

I had a good heart to heart with an old old buddy of mine. It Felt really really good to reconnect. Later that evening I went to spend some time with the ex, just dinner and catching up. While I spent my time with them I did enjoy the company, and when then today, I’ve felt terribly lonely. I could reach out and touch someone, but there aren’t a whole lot of arrows in that quiver.

Time to move on, get a few things ready for a long day of work ahead. My first 12 hour day in a few years. I expect to be tired. I’d best be ready.




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