Today’s Contribution

Boy, do I ache. I am exhausted and sleep deprived. I wanted to do something in my short time before I went to work this morning. So I figured I’d toss up a blog post. Finally getting these posts to upload to my website gives incentives to do these posts more often. That I hardly think while doing writing and it only takes a half hour or so to do. Perfect for a whooped me.

Drawing and arting I prefer to have extended periods of time before I can actually dedicate to it. Downshifting to that state of mind and then up shifting out is not easy. At least for me. Tomorrow and Monday will be good days. Great days to recover from work whilst producing some product. The intention is to collect some old, half done stuff and refine those suckers. Gets me some quick products and gets me in a frame of mind to produce more.

Selling myself. I’m thinking of that more like a process than something to be direct with. This here blog stuff counts. So I’m doing it. Getting webpages up and running and sexy count, too. Advertising has always been where I feel weakest. It’s also where my inner critic, doesn’t yell loudest, more: nags incessantly. Be that as it may, when I look at it all in it’s entirety, I’m in a good place and traveling towards a better one

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