Today’s To-Do’s

Yesterday was a tough day. My guts felt as though I had swallowed a lead bar throughout the day and were accompanied with a lingering loginess. A word of advice, just because you have a pound or so of ground chuck ready to go does not necessarily mean you have to eat it all in one sitting. Especially whilst making garlic-onion hamburgers topped by pepper jack cheese with all the fixins all on a gently toasted onion roll . . .

. . . God, they were so good.

I slept great last night, I feel great today. Tomorrow starts a long string of workdays so if something needs doin’, it better be done today. There won’t be time during the work week. I’m caught up on most everything. I could do to put away the folded laundry. There’s a series of reference pictures I need to take for the next generation of paintings, that’s on the agenda. Naturally, there’s art. A little bit of self promotion, too.

Speaking of, in my adventures of advertising, I’ve been spending time on these here social media sites. I found a little thing on Google+ called “hangouts”, it’s a live-cam chat streaming thingy. Anywho, I’m gonna try making a room and just camping out while I do art. The intent is to make or create a little art group or chat group that regularly gets together to shoot the shit while we craft our little projects. That sounds really good to me. Let’s see how it goes.

More on advertising, I concern myself over my website every now and again. The code still needs updating so that mobile devices have a better time of viewing the pictures. I have a shop that is, well, it’s yuk and I have no idea how to sexy it up. There are pre-made sites I can use, but those cost money, money that I don’t have a whole lot of and that I also have a hard time justifying when I get approximately five visitors a month. This is a problem that won’t be solved tonight, I’ll give it more time.

Off I go, into the night and into chores. Later gators.



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