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A number of stops and family visited along the way and we finally arrived here in, well, our destination. The family reunion is a few days away. There are more old acquaintances yet we need to find time for. Today’s priorities has us paying respects to family graves.

I don’t know if I mentioned it or not, but this has been a tough year for grandma. Her life long best friend passed this past Christmas and shortly after her favorite sibling. Because of the times she grew up in and her personality, grandma was solemn and proud. You could tell she was hurting. On top of which, her go-to people for emotional support were no more. So talking through the grief wasn’t an option. I tried to do my part, but we both knew it just wasn’t the same.

So, this is me, helping her out as best I can. This is my part.

Yesterday, per her request, we stopped by some po-dunk cafe out in the middle of farm land. A smattering of the local folk inhabited the cafe, grizzled sun soaked farmers each. We sat down, made our orders, and quietly made plans for the day. Ten minutes in, Grandma gives me an order to ask the nearby table if they knew so-and-so. My confusion visible, grandma lost her patience and hollered across the cafe, “Does anyone here know so-and-so?” I didn’t even have time to be shocked or embarrassed. All of the cafe responded. Turns out, every person knew so-and-so. It wasn’t long before phone calls were made and so-and-so made the trip to the cafe. For the next couple of hours, he and granny got up to speed on the community happenings. Throughout and long after, she was delighted.

Rounding back to me and my pudgy ass, I don’t know. Granny’s in her element. I’m happy for her and happy I can help. Me, the time I have been getting for myself I’ve spent . . . responsibly. I have a future I’m working towards, which is weird. But towards that future I go. I’m willfully trading some skill sets for others. I’m at a point in my life where the time for wasting has run out and I need to put shit together. This’ll be my last chance before aging gobbles everything up. If anything this trip has taught me, is how little time there is. That I should be more deliberate in my choices. Cliche as it sounds, the message rings true for us all, I’m sure. How that bell is rung differs from person to person, but strikes deep when it does.

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