Trudge Forward

Yesterday went about as well as a day off could go. I attended to neglected deeds by day and wrecked myself by night. I’m not a hundred percent but I feel worlds better.

Today I get back to the grind with naught but fond memories of yesterday. First: my cancer lady, then get killed at my regular work, come home, and, lastly, whimper. Good news is: I only have to do that today and tomorrow before I have the weekend to recoup. Time won’t be overly abundant. I still attend to my cancer lady over the weekend. I visit her daily but that’s a labor of love; it doesn’t count as a work that harms me. More helps me.

I have some art plans I’ll need to make. You see, the theory goes: if I decide today I’ll do art on the weekend and remind myself that through today and Friday, then dammit, I’ll do it. It’s my answer to procrastinating. When weekend comes, I’ll be an artist again. At least for a few hours. To be very honest, I can’t decide if I’m working on the book or drawing/painting. I’m inclined towards the latter. We’ll see when the time comes.

I do have some school junk to prep for. Even if I don’t prepare, I need to get it out of the way. I hate to dredge up that Accuplacer test. It’s as though I’m lending it more significance than it deserves. Which I think I am doing. I need to just go in there and do the damned test. I’ve ignored it long enough and, even with good intentions, that’s not justified. I’ll just go and get it out of the way and do my best to trudge forward.

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  1. I really enjoyed catching up…I am very sorry about your Cancer Lady…I will include her and you in my prayers. Thank you for loving her, and serving her above yourself…you are a gift. Have a wonderful weekend…Spring is near.

    • Thank you very much for catching up, Jennifer. And thank you again for the kind sentiments. It’s always a pleasure.

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