Tuning In

Yeah, when gulping coffee instead of sipping, a fellow needs to slow down. Relax. I’m in a hurry to wake up and attempt to catch up. That anxiety is good in that: the motivation is there. Just as important though is enjoying the moments, the small things. Note to self: relax, slow down, you’ll get to it all soon enough.

This morning will find me doing some color balancing and picture prep for pictures I did Monday. As I type this, I can think of a decent proportion of pictures I didn’t shoot yet. I will do my best to keep that in mind when I shoot some of the stuff I’m rehashing/finishing. The old website needs lovin’ too. Donate button, polished shop stocked with shiny items, expanded gallery. Paintings always need doing, I have a few on the cusp of being finished. I’m eager for them to be done soes I can get started on new. Got me a little anxiety this morning, can you tell?

Handling that nervousness can be an issue. Not trying to make a huge stink of it, just attempting to pump the brakes. I’m not allowing myself to lose myself in my work just yet. Finish this here coffee, give this blog post a little more umph. Invest a thought or two into both. Get a handle on things, make sure the grip is safe and secure. Narrow in on that focused, purpose filled emotional state. Narrow in like an analog radio station.

I think I’m onto something here. I’m pleased now and feel better after having played with metaphors and wordplay in that last paragraph. Thank you for indulging me while I tune in.


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