Twenty Two Skiddoo

Clean Genie

I’m wondering if I even put thought into these titles. Feels more like impulsivity.

This morning find me motivated. After a couple of cups of coffee, a stint of mindful meditation, and a rigorous hour of exercise, mood and mind feel sharpened for the day. When I am in this mood I feel honest to god like a competitor training for a sport. Like that famous montage of Rocky training for the big fight. I don’t got much but I got heart, man.

And I’m well aware if you read through these posts you can see my mood in less bolstered states. That said, I’d better take advantage of the opportunity while its here. The day will have much work invested into it and it’ll be one of those nights where I climb into bed tired and proud.

I love those nights.

On the agenda is more work with the bigger pieces. Between the huge size and the gazillion tiny details those are going to keep me busy for a while. Poems are there too but less so, they’re all in a publishable form. It’s just me nitpicking them out of perfectionistic impulses.

Just finished getting everything set up with a new publisher. Prototypes are coming in the mail an about a week. Kinda exciting.

Annnnd, it looks like that’s it for today. Short and sweet.

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