Two Shows

I feel awful. I think that goes without saying. Welcome to today’s Eeyore contribution. Where we make problems out of non issues since 1985.

Dark humor. The humor counts, the “dark” just makes it into a niche demographic.

Aside from the normal issues, things are good. I know I moan and groan and hold the most elegant pity parties where we don’t just feature the world’s smallest violin but the worlds smallest concerto. I have a show to worry about delivering a picture to this Friday, I need to get that picture framed too. Seeing as how I have the materials and tools needed I’ll have it done tomorrow or Wednesday. Not real problems. Oh, and the show is: 4th Annual Lottery for the Arts.

Next up, Reno Decompression. I’m not sure which link to share so here’s one and there’s the other. I got an email out of nowhere two days back. I still can’t tell how serious to take it. Usually when shows contact me, it feels . . . suspicious. You know, like when predatory lenders go out of there way to find people in debt. Then again, a show’s a show’s a show. Lord knows I need more press. I do think I’m gonna do it. I just need to wring my hands a little longer. Get the hemming-and-hawing out of my system.

Speaking of, this will be the part where I depart and try to look into the gig and see what it’s really about.

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