For the uninitiated, if you ever watch what you eat, are feeling good, and are coming off of a twelve hour shift, don’t end the day with a number 6 combo meal from McDonalds. The next day you’ll just feel, you’ll feel awful. The worst. The saturated fat from the impulsive meal weighs on my initiative like a wet overweight dog.

Be that as it may, I’m still attacking my sketchbooks. Prepped and planned and armed with the day off, there will be arting. Gotten to soon after writing up this blog entry turned motivational speech.

I’ve been a little more interactive in social media. I guess I’m trying to build an audience, that or stave off boredom at work when the night-shift hits its quietest. Either way, at least I’m putting myself out there.

As I put myself out there and wondering how best to be less of a hermit, there’s schmoozing on facebook and twitter, but there’s also a ton of art sites to become a part  of. I’m inclined to think the next time I’m feeling particularly unmotivated, I could go online and make an effort to have a little gallery in every corner of the internets. Lord knows I have the work already, and in the struggle towards notoriety, why the heck not?

The other facets of life are well. Finances are not bare, work is stable, woman is, well, we won’t go there. I feel pretty good about things. If my only real battle is between relaxing too much and not arting enough, then that’s not too shabby. I do wonder about the future now and again. To school or not to school.

I am not thrilled to have to concern myself with money but, in this day and age, that concern is just a fact of life. How does one best attain money, enough money, and after enough money? As is, if I want to up my career and salary, school will be approximately four years. Work ontop of school makes no time for art. Four years of no art makes my soul hurt. Meanwhile, skip school and art and stay at a low pay grade for that much longer . . . Uhg.

I’m rambling here. Eff it, let’s move on to food and then art. Til next time.

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