It’s an uneventful morning. Couple cups of coffee, call from my brother, read a couple of news articles. Same as every day. I enjoy this time, it’s always my favorite. Makes for terrible reading, though.

Still putting together proposals. I have an art resume from somewhere. Last I updated it was 2009. I have a great reluctance to remake it, what with the grueling research. I haven’t exhausted all my avenues of backup just yet. I have that darned resume tucked in a corner somewhere. I’ll find it. Only, in time instead of right now . . . I’ll double check a few things.

Framing, also is on the agenda. Painting and framing and ordering things for sales. Yeah, I’m on those, this morning in fact . . . right after this breakfast smoothy.

Yeah, this post will be uneventful. I’m just noshing on thoughts and there ain’t many of them. I’m more inclined to do things. I’ll be getting on that now

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