Unexpected Day Off

Unexpected day off today. A friend wanted to work extra, I offered her my shift, she accepted. I think we’re both happier this way.

This morning finds me making preparations for all the bills I’m gonna pay today. Taxes, dentist, groceries, internet, all the minutia you could ever want in an exciting blog post. It’s more than boring bills and chores, though. It’s paving the way for uninterrupted time in the future. Time I can use to get book things done in peace. It’s not a whole lot, but I’m taking whatever I can get.

Poetry is on second drafts. They need more attention and refining. It’ll come, I work on them daily. I will be digitizing images and getting the layout prepared. That is among the chores I intend to finish today. Depending on time, of course. We’ll put a dent in things.

I know today’s post is both short and dry. I’m chomping at the bit to get this brush cleared. This blog post, at least for today, is more a tick on the to-do list than an expression of my humanity.


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