This morning finds me in high spirits. And with that shining mood, I am going to shamelessly waste my day. Pizza is order, wine is uncorked, recliner is reclined; my waistline will be my reminder.

Talked with mom today, got to listen about how all my siblings feel self conscious about their complaining. Sound familiar?

Art and book making are happening tonight. Let me ruin myself first. It would be wise of me to save some money for my show, to make some art to increase my self esteem, and to get the monkey off my back. The “monkey” being procrastinating on the book. I know I’ve been behaving about it recently, actually spending a daily portion of time on it. Still, my motivation seems to revolve around what I didn’t do soon enough, well enough. Whatever. At least I’ll be working on it and that neurosis does lend itself to the quality of the work.

I like my job. I hate how little it pays. I think I’ll need to spend some time looking for the same type of job with a different company. It’s the only way I’ll get a reasonable raise. I’ll bemoan that topic later.

Since the dentist, my teeth couldn’t be cleaner. My mouth doesn’t feel like mine.

And now I’m just throwing stuff out there. So I’ll wind this up and go play video games for a bit.


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