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Good morning. Today meets me in a pensive state of mine. The art, the writing, the marketing; I won’t nosh about any of the three. At least too much. Just enough to count as a blog post. The art: I’m on. I do it every day and I still have a ways to go. I am progressing and I am satisfied with that progression. The writing: other than here, I’ve not done no writing. I understand it all takes time, I’ll take my time with it. That said, still gonna aspire for better. The marketing: Uhg, the one task I still shrink in front of. This one is gonna take a while. I’ll visit my therapist and support groups I’ll cry a little and maybe then, maybe, I’ll get my butt out there. We’ll see.

On to lighter things. I’ve already decided what to name the second book. I’m calling it “More Different.”It will be in the vein of the first book, pictures to poems. Or Poems to pictures. I think the same form of charm just with the name of a rose . . . An attempt to evoke or reference the famous Shakespearian line referencing names and roses. Not sure how I did. And that I’m not giving you, the reader, the full quote makes me wonder if I’m leaving you short served. I’ll try to keep it in mind for the future.

Back to the book, I have more pictures that I recalled. I forgot a handful of pieces that were tucked away into my portfolio. Good news, less work. closer to being finished. I’m alright with that. You’re not about to get a due date for this thing. I’ve learned that lesson too often to know better. It’ll be done when it’s done.

Much love to you.


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