I made the coffee so strong it could be accused of steroid abuse.

I woke up to urges of responsibility this morning. I know, I was just as shocked as you. What I could do to sate those responsible cravings I do not know. What I could do to encourage the cravings to happen more often? Again, I don’t know. Whatever, we’ll see what we can do to be good.

I was thinking along the lines of getting all the little stuff out of the way. Groceries, gas up the truck, Pay off Power of the Purse people, make the doctor’s appointment, make a dentist appointment, and I’d better stop there. I might make the mistake of revving up the neurotic engine. The last thing any of us need is an impossible list.

I’ll do those things I listed and call it good. We’ll see how I’m feeling after. Work is happening later today, too. Don’t need to strain myself.

I’m still good on the drinking, which is none. About two weeks now. I’m proud of it. I miss it, too. I’m staying the course, though. Food wise. I need to reign things in. No more fast food. Groceries will help out a lot with that. I feel and behave better when I eat well, I would very much like to keep that trend. Well, start and then maintain that trend.

I have some art to do. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m touchy about revving up the neurotic machine. But I intend to get on this soon. I have things ready and, at least for me, just starting and maintaining a regular schedule works best. You’ll hear about it, no worries.

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