Using My Words

Writing is gross. At least, mine is. Fragments of my vernacular and lexicon are intact. Sentence structure, punctuation, pacing, and even effective communication feels like bad. More practice needed.

Art skills look surprisingly good. I’m able to do lovely portraits that look 80%-90% like the person I’m drawing. Line drawing is an hour, capable shading is two. I have paint and inks with literal years of dust on them. Better dust them off.

I’ll share some of those practice pics soon. Serious works may take longer.

It’s a strange beast doing all this again. On the one hand, the feelings of creativity, competence, and accomplishment are all quiet wonderful. Among the downers: the solitude. It’s like alchohol, measured portions will leave you with a nice buzz and good feeling. Too much will easily destroy a man. I’ll need to be careful.
Online, there seems to be an ocean of social sites. All of which I look upon dubiously.

Years back, deleting my Facebook and neglecting Twitter felt and still feels liberating. Revving those horseshit things back up brings a sense of dread. Forgive me if I just focus on this site.

Goals for the near future are modest. Post a blog entry once a week on mondays, post content weekly on Thursdays, maybe twice with blog posts. This all depends on productivity as I tiptoe around expectations and precidents. 

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  1. Sounds like a good plan! I dislike how addiction social media is. I am on it all the time at work and it’s just ehh…. If only I got paid for it! haha The need to create is a very big one that I think most people neglect. Tristan was just talking to me yesterday about feeling it and not being sure what to do with it. I never put the hours in it took to get good at music or art. I wonder if I will pick it up back up after my kids leave the house. Right now the passion is herbs and wild crafting. There is creating in that too, I suppose. Have a good day Steve!!

    • Yeah, as far as soulful outlets go. Society doesn’t off us the best routes. Addictions like social media, junk food, alchohol and vidya games are corrosive. Those creative pursuits you alluded to earlier, that seems to be the sweet spot when it comes to soul food. Guilty pleasures like twinkies or Facebook are nice here and again, but if you’re gonna go the distance, a healthy creative hobby takes you further. Happy things, Rachael!

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