Vacay… Ends Today

At the work. Writing as I go. Getting paid to do so. So how was vacation?

I don’t know if y’all do this, but I certainly do. Where I will get ALL the chores done. Relax, improve my life, clean the rest of the house, yard work, too, finish up those art projects, publish those next two books, build that home addition, find that special girl, be fruitful and multiply, live to 110 years sharp as a tack; essentially, build Shangri-La and do it all in ten breezy carefree days.

Spoilers: Shangri-La was not built.

The drive was pleasant, beautiful, and easy. Love drinking in the vistas and the intoxication thereof. I made a point of visiting old stomping grounds along the way. Strangely, the nostalgia highs I was anticipating were, honestly, underwhelming. The old addage, “You can’t go home again.” hits hard here.

It’s always nice to see mom. Ma is holding her own. She’s built for herself a happy little house with a garden in the back yard and pets oh-so spoiled with love. Whiling away any free time with art projects and, she’ll deny it, an addiction to YouTube.

In relation to indulgences, the drinking was too much. So much so I vow not a drop more after today. I swear!… No, really!… I mean it this time!.. Stop!

Chores that bore I did very little of. All my responsibility points were spent on finishing up finals for school. Soon my ten year plan to earn a two year degree will come to fruition. As a close friend repeatedly reminds me… Consoles me, really, my heart isn’t in it.

So there’s the vacation briefing. It was good over all. And sorely needed. I’m back in my exercise kick which is wonderful. I never know how lazy I’ve gotten until I get back to my workout and compare my result from now to where I was. Good incentive to get back in and stay in.

And lastly, if anything I’ve learned, as cliche as it may be. Happiness is in those little things we regularly take for granted. For me: mom, art, exercise, and self-care.

More art soon… I’m shy.

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