Valentine’s Day

Yesterday went well. Finished up what I wanted to do with my site (for the time being). Spammed a few places in an attempt to advertise. Wrote me some verses. Played a metric ton worth of video games. It was a very relaxing and nonchalant day. Nothing in the world to do but whatever the heck I wanted.

Today brings me back round to responsibilities. This morning started with a visit to the college councilor. Long story short, I gots me a long road ahead. Work towards an Associates, then a Bachelors, and try my damnedest to do it efficiently. Right now and of the paths to take, looks as though a few classes will be scrapped in transition from Community College to State university. I am doubtful I can escape such things if I tried. I’ll get a clearer picture of things as I proceed. Get wiser to the ways of the bureaucracy.

Work will be done today. I hate to admit it, but I will be content to go today and tomorrow. Feelings of being underemployed, under-appreciated, and under paid aside. I’ve missed a few coworkers and a few residents. I will be happy to see them again. The exercise is good for me, too. It’ll be nice.

Today is the day where I expected myself to be in regards to the book; imagery done, poems started, book template ready. Today is a good day to evaluate where I am with this and where I’m going. I’m aiming for April. Preferably before my birthday, the 30th. That way I can start school aggressively. I won’t have to concern myself with studies competing with my book for attention. I’ll leave my free time thereafter to producing more books.  I have a third book to work on after this one. One written by a dear friend. If I really wanted to; nix that. What I’ll end up doing is a fourth book after that. Just to keeps my skills sharp and my self worth high.

All things said, I’m doing what I should be doing and I’ll keep at it.

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