Veggies Part



What do we have to write about today? Nothing exciting, I’m afraid. Yep, plans are still intact. Yes, despite all the paper work (my god the paperwork!), I still shop shows and draw out future plans. Is the desire to make all this happen is alive and well? You bet!

The last of the commissions has been tweaked and delivered with much relief. Now onto the next part.

I’m in the “eat your veggies” part of this whole adventure. You know, the brussel sprouts you have to get past before your are allowed pecan pie ala’mode. Mind numbing logistics like transport, insurance, budgeting, have been, and will continue to be, meticulously examined. After those, specifics like inventory, framing, and pricing are awaiting their turn to being obsessed over. And still beyond that, synergizing all of this with other aspects of life. Love and leisure leap to mind as activities particularly missed.

Back to the point, less planning; more preparing. Strategically filling the fall and 2016 with shows then marking the calendar. Most, if not all, are here in the west. From California to Colorado, Washington to New Mexico, the scope is ambitious. Completely doable, though. The best part: the travel. Sure it’s business, but why no stop to take in the sites while we’re out and about?

All that reported, things are very positive. Hopeful, even. There remain hoops left to jump through. I don’t want to say too much in case something falls through, but this is all coming together. Until then, we’ll practice patience and diligence. I cheekily confess, the times I get too excited and have to calm myself are probably the hardest part of this whole process. . .  Love that part!

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