Very Well

I know yesterday was the big “eff stress day.” Given the previous week, especially the last two days, I was adamant about ruining myself. “Ruining” meaning: over indulging. It is with a weird pride I tell you that I did not “ruin” myself. One large pizza and a glass of wine. I’ll be god damned. On top of it all, I was unexpectedly productive. Dismantling and prepping frames, taking inventory of what I need at the frame/art stores, getting drawing in there. I don’t know what’s wrong with me . . . I like it.

Today I am planning my day around having to go to a mandatory meeting at work. It’ll be all of 15 minutes, and while they do pay me for my time, that payment will be in the form of around three dollars. I’d pay more NOT to have to go. Aw well, thus is life. Since things aren’t my way, the next best option is to make it worth while. I wanted to go out and do all my shopping yesterday but saved it for today. I’ll get it all done in one trip. Having to go to the little meeting is suddenly that much more insignificant when I have numerous stops to make. I’m alright with that.

I’m painting and drawing still, believe it or not. Only these are practice things. Mostly faces. I’m drawing to tighten up some rudimentary skills that have atrophied in me and art’s time apart. I’ll explain that drama another time. For now, I’ll just keep it up. The skills aren’t so bad I expect if I keep at the pace I’m going, two or three weeks should be fine. I’ll be more apt to tackle the harder projects in my mind. Things like self portraits. Those things can be toughies.

I love and hate when I sit here making sure I’ve covered everything. I have, and even if I do miss something, it’s not as though I can’t come back and put it in next day. I’m done here and I’m leaving in a good way. All the bases are covered. I have a nice romance, I have a bills-paying job, I have an art dream. I’m doing well for myself. Very well.

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