Vigilant Dissonance

So, I got me a life long art habit. I’m plenty good at what I do. Do I do it enough and reliably? Well… there’s always room for improvement. That’s life. Do I know what I want to do with it? Life or art? Feels like a no. Will I stop living or arting… Also, no. Or, for a macabre joke, “eventually”.

Mmkay, less me more art. Lemme introduce you to Greta. She’s the star of the next book. It’s a simple little thing about her and her day, daily to-do’s and not do’s. Simple pimple. As to why the book is 60 pages… cause I might need to cull it some. Sketches and storyboard soon to follow.

Soon after Greta’s book is released and being produced at the same time it is book… 5… I think. Tentative title still in the works, as are characters and script. This here is gonna be another simpler book for a younger audience. Pretty basic stuff, shapes, numbers, and letters but with charming art.

And, as always, the GIANT pics for our main book are still in the works. I get a nagging feeling that I’m being overly ambitious with these but at the same time I feel like quality is one of my selling points. So, compromise will have to wait.

Lastly, worrying about building an audience is the most effort I’ve dedicated to actually building an audience. So, yeah, I got that to worry about too.

Pics soon!

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