Watching The Clock

Morning’s here. Cup of coffee is had and number two is freshly poured. I enjoy my mornings very much. It saddens me how I need to watch the clock as much as I do. Coffees, breakfast, painting, then work; I needs to be efficient. Care free is my favorite type of morning.

Work is exacting. No need to join a gym when you work as a CNA. Lifting and running eight hours a day leaves a fellow fit and trim and whooped.I feel a smidge more whooped than trim right now. If you’ve noticed it’s only been a single day since I’ve come back from holiday, I’ve noticed too.

I am officially engrossed in “The Great Cookie Caper,” my newest painting. I wasn’t expecting it, but here we are. I have the base colors all lain out and it all feels good. There’s an orange I haven’t used in forever that leaves me quietly excited. I will be toiling away on this sexy beast for a while. I have no idea how long before it’s ready to display. Tell you what; how about I work really hard and we shoot for really soon? Sound fair?

Speaking of fairs, I have some framing to do. Lots of naked pictures running around in all their fragility. I had better get them suited up for the upcoming shows. I want them to look their Sunday best when onlookers look on. It’s my first show in almost two years and I would prefer to do it right. I’ll take my time with it and deliver as much love and dedication I can muster to the effort.


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