Webpage and Advertising

I was just checking my little webpage, not this one the stevetlaws.com one. The traffic here is much better than there. This here blog beats the other page because content is daily and I put out a blurb on Twitter and Facebook about it. A decent part of me wonders how to tie my blog and webpage together a little better so that one doesn’t play second fiddle to the other. I would like to get stevetlaws.com attracting better numbers. After all, I spent a lot of time lovingly crafting that page. I don’t want it to go to waste. The art is pretty good, too. I would love for the art to get a little attention.

A little time invested in advertising sounds like the cure to my itch. I know, the thought putting myself out there makes my self esteem cringe. But that is just me needing to get over myself. I have and do decent work. That work deserves a better audience than the dust mites and spiders in my closet. I promise to put a little more time into being a spammy ham . . . or, rather, a savvy ad exec.

The art is going well. I have two 18inch x 24inch-ers in the works. One of which is ready for washes soon. I spend an inordinate amount of time bypassing a password protected hard drive yesterday. My old hard drive was a formidable foe but alas, the gold that was my old subject matter and ideas had to be had. Long story short; to the victor went the spoils and them spoils be mine.

On the to-do list: sharpen up the Store segment of stevetlaws.com. I’m not at all in it for the money, but that money sure would help me do more work. Tidy up a few other things on site. Get things ready to welcome “More different.” “More Different” being the title of book number two. Next up, shoot me some paintings. With a camera, of course. I have all I need to do it, just need to do it . . .

Upon refilling of the coffee and reflecting. I will do some webpage design this morning along with strategerizing about advertising. Meet you here tomorrow


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