Weed Snares

Commission: Owl

This entrepreneur thing is tough. Sure you get autonomy but, brother, you earn it. Biting your nails staring at advertising effectiveness, grinding your teeth with customer service, sweating bullets while staring hopefully at the bottom line. Not to mention the hats, dear god the hats.

This morning, I’ll go out shake hands and kiss babies like a politician, then I’ll hunch over a calculator and bust a budget like an accountant, next stare at some code as I webmaster myself to success, and finally, if there’s time, get some painting and writing done.

I’m not stressed per say. I take that back, I am stressed. More just trying to figure it all out. This morning had me paranoid about being caught in the weeds. A phrase meaning: Immersed or entangled in details or complexities. I haven’t been at this long enough to feel confident in my entrepreneurial instincts. Am I spending too much time advertising when I don’t have enough product? Spending too much money on advertising without getting a return? Neglecting a soft deadline for book release because I’m too insecure about skills being underdeveloped? Keep the day job or upgrade to a part time? What about more basic this like am I being social enough?

Yeah, lots of questions and undetermineds.

Don’t get me wrong, I firmly believe the larger goal is worthwhile. I know what I wanna do and I know it’s only me who can get it done. Just, give this wonky wheel time to squeak while it adjusts.

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