Week Fatigue

“Week Fatigue” is upon me. You know week fatigue, basically TGIF or “Thank God it’s Friday.” Today is the last day of a regular forty hour week. I’m dragging. My spirits are high, don’t get me wrong, just rest would feel so good.

Drawing goes well. What I do is I go through each page of my sketchbook and draw a little something. Sometimes it’s a ten minute drawing, sometimes twenty. And I just draw whatever occurs to me. A little cartoony tree, a little alien, a faux turtle, whatever I am feeling and I leave it undeveloped. Intentionally undeveloped. Once I get all the way through the sketchbook with tiny doodles, I start over again. On each page I dedicate another ten to twenty minutes furthering the image. The cartoony tree gets a landscape, the little alien meets a mouse, the faux turtle is is given angle wings and a saddle. Go through the sketchbook several times and, before you know it, have for yourself a picture book.

You’ll find it a rare occasion for me to do a full on pencil piece with a packaged concept behind it. I can’t recall the last time I did that. All my best concepts get promoted to watercolors. People like the watercolors.

I don’t have any pictures worthy of posting today. I’m OK with it because I know there’s a lot behind the scenes. Where I find conflict is in knowing this hurts the audience growth I’m working towards. Consistency is . . . Well, I’ve been through that tangent before. No need to yammer on again about it. Suffice it to say, The goal for me is still to get something for showing on a weekly basis. Essentially to prove to the internet and myself that I did something that week.

Fair warning, I am leaving to go with Grandma to Illinois this Thursday. I have no idea what Blog posts will look like at that time. I am not properly armed with computing devises to maintain a blog whilst I travel. I will attempt to rectify this. Emphasis on “attempt.” Calibrate your expectations accordingly.

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