Weekend Intentions

It’s Friday, and thank the divine for it. I am chomping at the bit to get it over with.

This weekend will be a framing centric weekend. If I’m not actively framing, I will be procuring more frames or more framing equipment. Plan is: have it all done this weekend. I’m a little skeptical that this will actually happen. You know, with last weekend and my powers of grossly underestimating the time it takes to accomplish tasks? Thems the thoughts when I make goals this weekend. Do what I can, do it well, and have more time budgeted to do it with. Almost sounds responsible.

Also on the agenda, I will buy a dog kennel . . . Or attempt to. I just took a second to google what I intended to use. I have a great idea of what I’m going to use. It’s a dog kennel, but modified to hang pictures and allow people to walk through . . . Again, the pause is because I was researching options. I’ll research more in a sec, I wanna finish this post first.

Fliers would do me well. I talk about it to the people at work and they ask for more info. I don’t have more info. I then attempt to explain to them how to get the info. I involve unnecessary steps and introduce complications into the process. Making it harder for them won’t help them to show their support. So, fliers. I’ll print off a handful this morning and get a handful out there.

Less important but of great annoyance is that I need to make a doctor’s appointment. Dentist appointment too. I have the damned insurance, let’s put it to use. I’ve procrastinated on setting these up for six weeks now. That’s long enough, thank you.

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