We’ll See

Uhg, I feel awful. This last week has been awful. My first long weekend in a long time and I catch ill, not “ill” as in “cool”; “ill” meaning “sickly”. And the effects, I readily complain, are still lingering. My will and want are sapped. Yuk!

I don’t have much of anything to report. The book is as it was: one last picture to go and minor poem refining. When I get bored of working on More Different, I work on revamping Odding. Mostly layout and design of the book, some poems getting revisited. All with the aim of making Odding, More Different, and The Strangest Thing, identifiably similar, because, in concept and execution, they all will be in the same vein. It’ll help differentiate from future side projects.

I fully intend to finish More Different before the end of August. I’ll be starting school again in the fall and intend to be aggressive with classes. That means, outside of copyrighting and publishing, there won’t be time for anything else. That along with uncommitted plans to do shows in the spring and summer of 2015. Getting ready for those with framing, travel, and submissions is a time consuming endeavor. We’ll see, we’ll see.

That’s what’s on my mind, at least for this week. Minds and plans can change, please be understanding if they do. My current priority is to maintain life as it is, which, aside from all this sick business, is pretty good.

More later, thanks for reading.

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