What the Hell?

Wow, I don’t feel like doing anything this morning. What the hell happened since yesterday? I did a handful of stuff and got called off of work. The rest of the day I spent watching movies and playing video games. An unproductive day, I grant you, but I don’t think anything that would justify how I’m feeling now. I’m left scratching my head and wondering, what the hell happened?

I feel tired and icky and listless. I doubt this here is being depressed because I actually care about things. Still, I feel flat. F***! I’ve been eating right, sleeping regularly, work keeps me plenty active. This is where I sigh long and hard. Let’s spare everyone the worlds smallest violin concerto.

Work will happen today. I am glad for it. If I didn’t have to go, I fear what I’d do with the day. At least I can claim some productivity and have cool 88 bucks to show for it, about 72 after taxes. Some of that is sarcasm and some of that is genuine. Please don’t ask me which is which because even I don’t know at the moment.

The day and I will get better. I don’t know how or why but I have that feeling. So at least there is an optimistic cornflake in all of this. I’m gonna finish my coffee and go get cleaned up.


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  1. Don’t forget as you change your eating/drinking habits your body will go through a detox process which will make you feel sluggish.. This too shall pass.

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