What To Do?

Figuring out what the heck to do this morning before work. Don’t get me wrong, I have tons to do. It’s custom tailoring the task to the small amount of time allotment, it’s placement as a priority, and how I’m feeling. There’s framing: a long list where every little bit helps, but I’m saving it for the weekend. Making more awesome paintings is a luxury; I’m saving painting for later. You know, until time important things are addressed. I’ve bought all the merchandise for the upcoming show, my bank account weeps in the corner like a flogged child. Make more money? I’ll be at work later today. Artist Statement, I worked on that yesterday. Give the effort some time to cool. I’ll approach it again when my perspective is fresh. Submissions. Submissions sounds good. I’ll research the surrounding area and see if I can’t find a gallery or show.

Alright, sounds good We’ll do the submission thing right after this.

Seeing as how I spent all day yesterday pouring my heart out into blog posts and artist statements, I’m gonna keep this one brief. You know, let my heart refill.

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