Why Am I Like This?

Well guess who’s back at this shit.

Now guess why. Go ahead it’s obvious.

… No. Not pathetic attention seeking.

Well, not totally. It’s more about the creative outlet. I’m starved for a creative outlet.

I work my job. Which is mundane and routine as would be any job after seven years. This past year, the covids year, has been a particularly strange one. Got to see a lot of front line antics. Also got to see a lot of fragility in people and the system. And it’s not hard to translate that fragility from environment to self.

I’m still in school. This will be the last semester of prerequisites. While I resent the fuck out of work and school rigitidy, I do appreciate the secondary skills they hone. Memory, focus, and teamwork foremost among them. In any case, school is almost done. And from there, at least monitarily, more security.

So, as I aspire to more balance in life, it’s time to feed the creative aspect of things. Write, cook, garden, draw, whatever, just something to nourish a soul.

More drawings soon. Or whatever, lets start modest and see what happens. Probably portraits to get skills back up to snuff. To whoever reads this or comes back for more, Hi mom! Maybe Rachael!

4 Comments on “Why Am I Like This?

  1. Helloooooooo!!!! Was going to check in with you the other day and forgot…lol as someone who struggles with the being creative.. I get it. I need it but don’t often practice it…

  2. Steve! We miss you! Brandon was reading Odding to L the other day ♥️.

    • Oh Rhema, please don’t make me cry in front of Mom and Rachael.

      You are missed. I have many fond memories thanks to you. I know you, Brandon, and L out succeeding wherever you are.

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