First: thanks everyone for the outpouring of support. To be honest, I’m a little taken aback. Still, it’s all noted. I am grateful. It’s all humbling, really.

I am saddened by my cancer lady’s departure. She was smart, beautiful, and dear. Be that as it may, she was fading. For quite some time. My lady was in a lot of pain towards the end. That she’s finally is at peace is a consolation.

Me, for my part, I couldn’t help but reflect on life and the situation as it went on. I felt a deep insignificance. Yet, when she’d protest my absence or thank me, those feelings of worthlessness would disappear. Knowing I meant something to her, made me feel . . . I struggle for the right words; I’ll submit: The experience afforded me a worth I fail to prescribe¬† myself. . . It’s all very heavy. I cannot help but ponder on the entirety of it all.

This entry, I’ve been very diligent in choosing my words and structuring my sentences. Even so, such diligence fails to accurately convey the gravity of it all. The whole ordeal was such that I wish all people could experience it. So disquieting and powerful. So very painful yet, all too worthwhile.

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