Work Ethic

Only a few sips into this morning’s coffee. Usually I’m a full cup before I start writing. First reason is: I’m eager to get to painting. There’s a certain picture that has been taunting me for days (I’m gonna get you picture). And second: the coffee this morning is good. So good.

Hard work. Hard work means a lot. When deciding what to do with your life, make sure you can do it; especially when you don’t want to. This is what demonstrates the love. What gives it substance beyond lip service. You say you love and are committed. BS, show me. Show us all. Let the sweat and tears roll.

That little paragraph is dedicated to a part of myself that appeals to easy. I feel as though I’ve given that part too much sway in a lot of my decisions. Trying to find easier ways to do things, short cuts are fine and good. It’s kinda clever, really. Be that as it may, be careful where you apply that thinking. Make sure it is to something where the results are less important. Because the less hardship endured results in a foundation less solid, a quality compromised.

I think it’s fair to apply this rule to most anything in life. Love, career, obligations. Me, I have a handful of things I’m choosing. Yeah, art is obviously among them. I will endure the pangs of publicity, I will force myself to paint when I don’t want to, I will do tedious exercises to improve the art. I will sacrifice a wrinkle free laundry and a sparkling toilet to sate the “easy button” in me. All for you art. All for you.

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