Workin’ Man

I am at work. Tonight my assignment is to look after an Alzheimer’s patient. Normally a rowdy customer, right now, however, he’s off in dream land. I expect when he wakes with his batteries charged, work will get much harder. In the meantime, I will punch out a blog post on this little smart phone while organizing priorities.

The books rank very high on that list of priorities. “Books” because, as I finish More Different, Odding is being updated. I am pretty sure I mentioned earlier about how I aim to make Odding, More Different, and The Strangest Thing similar, stylistically and thematically. Well, that’s exactly what has been cooking these past weeks. You know, alongside other business concerns. Specifics simplified; so far, so good.

It’s a lot of work, though. A lot of work. Layout, editing, design, and, if you’re anal, redesign, brushing up on the latest publishing regulations, all mentioned have been slaved over for weeks now. Almost there, feels like the last leg of a marathon. Besides tweaking the bejesus out of the project, I concern myself with distribution, marketing, finances, the whole gamut, really. Toss onto the pile regular life concerns, it’s almost overwhelming.

I understand the tone might read as stressed out. And, while there is pressure, it’s a good kind. For the past handful of years there have been struggles with feelings of listlessness, living without purpose. I’ve needed a healthy challenge for a long time, this book project has been pleasantly challenging. I vent, sweat, and stress; behind all that, I feel a deep satisfaction and pride. I am pulling myself together, congealing actions with beliefs, and overcoming obstacles I shied from earlier. I am pleased with who I am and the course I am taking. There’s a newfound hope and boy is it welcome.

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