Working Weekend

I will be working this weekend. No days off. Hardly enough time to sleep and shower before I’m out the door again. Waking up and going, hoping I have time to stop by McDonalds for coffee. I’ll be covering for a good friend at my regular gig and figuring out a way to give another 12-14 for my cancer girl.

I’d say it’s all daunting, but it’s not. It’s a minor inconvenience. Helping out the friend makes it worth while and earning a little extra money doesn’t hurt. If I did have worries they are insignificant. Concerns like: drinking, video games, and sleeping off the hangover; all seem misguided.

I know, I know, I should probably be squirming over not being able to work on the book, and I am. Well, not really. I’m OK with the break. Not from the artistry or poetry, more the self induced pressure to get it all done. Yeah, there’s another plus. Being freed from the anxieties of having to get it done and done right now, that’s a peace of mind I could really use.


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