I’m supposed to write something new here, aren’t I?

Yesterday went as planned. Art and framing shopping then into the mandatory meeting at work. Going into those art stores with intent to buy is always dangerous for me. Want to buy an eraser, leave with brushes, canvas, pencils, rulers, three paints I already have, and a novelty drawing board. Exaggeration aside, my bank account is less substantial than it was. Investments I will make good on. Eventually.

Framing supplies are almost the same only less impulse buying. I know what I needed and made a list, checked it twice, and even turned down some things that can wait. It’s a nice sense of satisfaction when you buy what you need, wait on what you don’t, and know where to get them when you do.

The mandatory meeting at work; the collective groan from the assembled employees was telling. A plastic card with an employee number on it will be used from now on. And they proceeded to distribute mentioned cards. The card isn’t even needed, just the number. Disappointment was had.

The rest of the day? Not much. Posed for a whole bunch of ideas. Still have yet to get those images off the cam onto the computer and into a composition. We’ll do that later. Did some light sketching exercises, played some video games, indulged in some Belgian beer. Twas a good day as far as days go. I’m ok with it.

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