You Know, Stuff

Today marks the beginning of my weekend. Hurray! And that “Hurray!” does come with some stinted, weary, sleep deprived enthusiasm, even so, the happiness and relief are there.

I catch myself fantasizing about art at work. Which is sexy and frustrating at the same time. On the one hand I love thinking about it, all the ideas that come in the midst of the day, and looking forward to arting when I get home. The downside is, when I finally do get home, the good ideas are forgotten and a little procrastination occurs before the art begins. Mark my works, though, the art begins soon. Soon!

I have ideas and tools and gumption to make five kids books. I kinda wish I didn’t want to make them all at the same time. I’d really really like to finish the second one. Which I will . . . eventually. Trust me. I won’t argue too much, I’m pleased enough to be drawing again. It’s not an overnight process and forcing it just poisons it, so let’s just take our time and do what feels natural.

Sharing the art is happening and deciding how best to share has always escaped me. Currently, the best concept I have faith in is “Regularly”. I know I’m over thinking it; I know, I know I know! Dammit, I can’t help it. I think, and overly so. In anycase, I’ll just aim to put a picture out once a paycheck. That’s every two weeks.  Let’s see how an inconsistent man does at being consistent.







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