Zombie Land

Commission: Stegosaurus

Today I write to you as a zombie. Were you here and cornered, I’d eat your sweet sweet brains. Unless of course that shotgun was loaded.

Night shift for six years is not a lifestyle one recovers from in a single day. Guess what I’m doing today? Like the rest of life, I’m just trying to make it through. My sleep schedule is still weird. There are nights where I sleep twelve or thirteen hours and others where I can only get one. Days where the hours awake are in the thirties and forties. Been on a proper schedule for a coupla months and still adjusting. I guess today is one of those where the sleep was wonky and I’m a zombie.

So here I am in all my finiteness trying to build a business. When I peek above my blinders, I can see the maelstrom that the average person is buffeted by. Advertising and spam from all directions. From McDonalds and Walmarts all the way down to your local plumber or garage sale. And when I stop to observe let alone contemplate the size of it all. I feel very humble. Soon I’ll have to join in the cacophony and scream about my business until my lungs bleed.

So what is it exactly I can offer any of you? Something Macy’s or Ford or any of the rest can’t. I genuinely dont know. I can tell you what I’d like to be what I try to offer. Maybe it’ll help us both, me as a company and you as a customer.

I want you to walk away from this interaction happy. I wanna provide some food for the soul and hope it gets you past that empty experience at Lowes or through that Forbes article.

I’m gonna try to do it through art. Narrative whimsical little tidbits sometimes in image other times word that hopefully deliver deeper meanings that can bypass your defenses through charm and ring through to the core of you so that, the mundane doesn’t feel so lonely, helpless, or futile.

When I pause to reflect, I’d like for both of us to have this. More musing later. Have a good day, take care of yourselves.

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